San Francisco

Post-Election Rallies in San Francisco

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In San Francisco not one, but at least three separate demonstrations were held Wednesday with the same message - count every ballot. 

Nearly all who attended say they felt that too after President Donald Trump began falsely claiming victory and hinted at a rigged election.

Many people said they were bracing for something like this well before the election -- and had long ago started making plans to come out and speak out against it.

“The overall message is we want every vote counted,” said a demonstrator.

A message that was repeated often as people gathered at the Embarcadero Plaza Wednesday one day after the presidential election that remains undecided.

They wanted to push back against president Trump’s false claims of victory and his vow to take the vote to court.

“Lawsuits and litigation and trying to push the court to decide the election, the election belongs to the people we the people we are the people are the people who elect the President of the United States,” said a demonstrator.

This demonstration was hosted by a group called Indivisible San Francisco, but several activist groups took part, all with a common message.

“I think it boils down to democracy only works if we are able to vote but if we have faith that our votes will be counted,” said a demonstrator.

People said they are expecting this election to be drawn out and they will keep speaking up

“Today is protect the results we want every vote counted,” said Charles Nelson with Indivisible San Francisco.

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