Tensions Rise as Voters Anxiously Await Election Day

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With two days to go in election 2020, and county registrars across the Bay Area busy processing ballots, a growing anxiety is rising among voters as Tuesday approaches.

The good news is that voter turnout seems to be breaking records across the Bay Area and the country, but there have been questions about election integrity and even concerns about what may happen on election night.

Businesses across the country are preparing for the possibility of protests or demonstrations on election night. Several businesses in San Francisco have been boarded up in case such protests turn violent.

San Francisco police said there are no known threats to the city or polling places, but additional officers will be working Tuesday.

Elections officials in Marin County have been working for days processing ballots and fielding questions and concerns from voters. More than 121,000 ballots have already been returned there, exceeding ballots cast in the March primary, with more people expected to turn out over the next few days.

“In the March primary, our total voter turnout was around 116,000, so we’ve already received more vote by mail ballots than we received in the March election,” said Lynda Roberts, Marin County Registrar of Voters.

But as the election draws closer, the stress is rising for many. Monica Tui and her husband said they’ve already cast their ballots in San Francisco, but the worry continues.

That is a recurring theme for lots of voters who are concerned about what will happen on Tuesday.

“I will not look at social media for the next couple of days and I’ve asked my husband to just let me know when the results are in and then I’ll go to bed,” Tui said.

According to the American Psychological Association, Republicans, Democrats and Independents are reporting that this election is very stressful.

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