Former Vice President Mike Pence Met With Friends, Foes at Stanford University

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Stanford University was the latest college to host former Republican Vice President Mike Pence Thursday. 

The speech happened just two weeks after he took a stand against Former President Donald Trump. He said overturning the results of the 2020 election was not only wrong but un-American.

On Thursday, he played to his base, taking swipes at the Democratic party.

“Frankly the Democrats have moved so fast sometimes I feel the left hand doesn’t know what the far left hand is doing,” said Pence.

Hours before he hit the stage, protesters rallied outside the auditorium.

“We are standing against bringing bigotry on to our campus,” said student Eva Jones.

Others said they appreciated his desire to speak there even if they don’t agree with what he said.

Stanford University will be the latest college to host former Republican Vice President Mike Pence Thursday and the university is expecting a good crowd and protesters. Scott Budman reports.

"I think the Stanford students really lean liberal, so they've been saying they want to go, because it is the ex-vice president, to see him in person, but they don't necessarily care to hear much of what he has to say,” said Lily Loughridge, Stanford freshman.

The event was called “How to Save America From the Woke Left.”

"Well, as we know, Stanford is pretty much a cesspool of liberalism,” said Kara Zupkus of the Young America’s Foundation.

Republican groups that took him there said they don't know if Pence has plans to run for president in 2024, but say they welcome debate about it.

"Our goal is always to have them come to the event and actually participate in the Q&A which is the important part of the event, because if you challenge the speaker, if they disagree with them it can actually get an intellectual debate going,” said Zupkus. “Which is what college is all about." 

Students, alumni, and even professors said they welcomed Pence, even if they don't agree with him.

"I think it's fine, I think it's terrific,” said professor Don Emerson. “Well, I won't say it's terrific, because that implies that I agree with what he's likely to say."

Pence talked about national and international issues. He also took on Bay Area politics.

“This week in San Francisco parents recalled three woke school board members who cared more about renaming schools than reopening them,” he said.

NBC Bay Area Political Analyst Larry Gerston said Pence’s speech was an attempt to test the waters for a possible presidential run.

“Pence’s only hope is that Trump does not run in 2024 at which point the field will be open and he will lay claim to many of those Trump voters. That is his only hope,” said Gerston.

Pence talked a lot about being vice president but he didn’t talk about running for president.

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