From Rap Studio to City Hall

Hip Hop artist Sara Mesta says she hopes to go from a recording studio to City Hall.   The popular East Bay rapper is running for Mayor of San Leandro.

Mesta, known as Mo Wiley, has made her mark on the music world and is now focusing her attention on the world of politics.

"Although my music may not be for everybody, my message is, and my message is safety for all and education for all," said Mesta.

Mesta may be new to politics, but she's got plenty of street cred.  She says she was a drug dealer at age 12, pregnant at 14, and out on her own at just 15 years old. At 33, she is now the mother of three and says she knows first hand the challenges many face and what it takes to overcome.

"I think that's the message: your past doesn't disqualify you from your future," Mesta said.

Mestas says she is prepared to take heat for what's been described as a racy rapper image, but claims it's nothing more than a refection of her personal journey.

"I took my life and put it in an album. I put it on a piece of paper.  It was my freedom of expression and how I released the things I dealt with as a child," Mesta said.

Mesta has some tough competition including San Leandro's current mayor, a longtime city council member and a school board member.

The hip hop artist says she hopes to put a whole new spin on the term "having a voice" in politics.


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