Bay Area Residents Cast Their Votes in Final Weekend Before Recall Election

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In the Bay Area, dozens of voting locations opened this past weekend as the countdown to the recall election continued.

The California Gubernatorial Recall Election is Tuesday and on the final weekend before, people showed up at a drive-thru drop-off in Oakland.

“I guess it’s just easier to do the drop-off because we both work. It makes sense to drop it off on the weekend like that,” said Soo Yim of Oakland.

“We’re open for early voting at 100 accessible vote locations, if you want to vote in person,” said Tim Dupuis, Registrar Of Voters Alameda County.

While most people will vote by mail, there are options for last-minute voters as well.

“They can drop their votes off, if they have their vote by mail. They can vote in person. They can use our touch screen voting if they want to vote on the touch screen for accessible voting reasons. They can do same day registration and vote right there on the on the location as well.” Dupuis added.

In Alameda County, they are just shy of 950,000 registered voters.

“It’s really picking up,” said Dupuis. “We’ve already had 44 % of our votes returned to us. A lot of our votes are coming to us vote by mail votes. Yesterday, we had 1,900 in person votes as well."

As candidates continued with last minute campaigning, recent polls show Gov. Newsom is likely going to keep his job.

“I think Newsom is going to finish the course. He is going to remind Californians of the issues and the threat, you will see John Cox running more ads and he’s going after Elder,” said James Taylor, professor of politics at the University of San Francisco.

Taylor offered his thoughts on what we could see at the polls on Tuesday.

“It’s one thing to mail in. But we’re going to see people in line on Tuesday and much of our analysis has been about ballots. But I think we’re going to see a lot of people last minute show up at the polls in person,” he said.

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