Hands-Free Texting Coming, But Siri Not Allowed

Hands-free texting becomes legal Jan. 1.

California drivers will be free to send as many texts while driving as they want, come January 1 of 2013 -- but they cannot use their hands.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday quietly signed into law a bill allowing use of "hands-free" texting devices for drivers as of next year, the San Jose Mercury News reported. 

As long as a driver's hands don't touch a telephone, a driver may use a hands-free device -- such as a Bluetooth earpiece or other headset -- to dictate and send a text message. 

So iPhones's Siri is allowable -- but only if the iPhone isn't touched? Well, appears not: using your phone is illegal, even it's via speaking commands to your iPhone 4s, the newspaper reported.

Even picking up the phone to turn it off or on is enough to warrant a traffic ticket, the newspaper reported.

"Your phone is lava, don't touch it," the newspaper opined.

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