How California’s Future Dies

GOP 2016 Convention

This short story in the Sacramento Bee ruined my weekend: The California State University campus in Sacramento is being forced to cut its enrollment by more than 10 percent. Similar enrollment cuts are being imposed in public universities all across the state.

This is sheer madness, and as clear an example as we have of how the budget madness of today undermines tomorrow's prosperity.

By all accounts, California needs to be producing hundreds of thousands more college graduates than it currently does. The Public Policy Institute of California predicts the state will have a shortage of one million college-educated workers by 2025. President Obama wants to restore America to first place in the world in percentage of people who gradaute from college.

So California needs more college graduates -- to build its economy and to restore American competitiveness. Its budget system, however, requires the state to produce fewer such graduates.

We will all be, quite literally, poorer for these sorts of cuts.

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