Stephen Colbert Thinks We're Funny

The Colbert Report leans on NBC Bay Area for content

Stephen Colbert loves to take clips from television news markets from across the country to help boost his comedy bits every night.

Last night we got tapped.

Colbert kicked off Tuesday's show saying "Washington is going after the lifeblood of modern business."

That lifeblood, according to Colbert, is unpaid internships.

He played a news segment read by NBC Bay Area's Diane Dwyer where she reported on an increase in the number of unpaid internships going up significantly over the past couple years.

Full clip here.

He used Dwyer to set up a full segment of laughs centered around unpaid interns.

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Lori Preuitt wonders how the Colbert Report staff found a clip from San Francisco that aired on a Saturday night two weeks later.

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