The President Requests Room Service

Dominique Crenn of Luce at the InterContinental Hotel got a chance to feed the president.

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Tuna tartare, a vegetable medley, steamed broccoli and braised beef short-ribs with haricot verts, pearl onions and horseradish.

Sounds good, right?

It was certainly good enough for President Barack Obama, who had Luce deliver the meal to his room at the InterContinental before his fundraiser at the St. Francis last week.

The meal was prepared by newly Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn, who brines her short-ribs for three days before braising them for another day and a half.

The next morning it was freshly squeezed orange juice and a banana, exercise, and then two eggs over easy with bacon and toast.

The meals were good enough to earn Crenn an invitation to the kitchen at the White House.

We should all eat so well.

Jackson West wonders how Glenn Beck will construe these menu choices as evidence of a socialist conspiracy.

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