There's an App for Ronald Reagan

New iPhone app promises to educate about former president

Famous California Republican, former President Ronald Reagan, is being immortalized not in zombie form but in his very own iPhone application which you can download from the iTunes store.

The app features famous speeches by "The Great Communicator," and has been produced by the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, which hopes it serves as an educational tool to ensure the former California governor's legacy among those kids and their crazy phones.

Speaking to a number of entrepreneurial iPhone app developers in "stealth mode," here are some more apps honoring famous California Republicans that you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

(Note: Don't expect to see these in the coming weeks.)

  • The Richard "Dick" Nixon App: It secretly records all your phone calls, and then selectively blanks out the most damaging discussions when subpoenaed.
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger App: Like I Am T-Pain, but instead of auto-tuning your voice, it gives you an awkward Austrian accent.
  • The Howard Jarvis App: When complaining about taxes during a call, it increases the volume of your voice. When complaining about crumbling infrastructure, massive budget deficits or dwindling government services, however, it silences it.
  • The Pete Wilson App: After three drunk dialing incidents, it will impose a lifetime ban on phone service.
  • The Dianne Feinstein App: When you speak to reporters about policy, you sound like a Democrat, meanwhile the app is quietly voting for you like a Republican.
  • The Earl Warren App: Basically the opposite of the Feinstein app.

Jackson West is just kidding.

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