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49ers' Potential Target Has His Heart Set on Texas



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    Von Miller sacks the LSU quarterback.

    Von Miller may be one 49ers' beat writer's draft crush but is the feeling mutual?

    The Texas A&M linebacker is considered by many to be the top rush man in the draft and likely a top ten pick.

    Many pundits have the 49ers selecting Miller with the seventh pick in the draft. But would a move to San Francisco put a smile on Miller's face?

    Maybe not.

    In an interview with a Dallas area radio station, Miller said he dreams of playing for his hometown Dallas Cowboys.

    In fact he says he has always seen himself with a blue star on his helmet. And he is just old enough to remember Troy Aikman and the boys epic games with the San Francisco 49ers of the 1990s.

    Miller said at the draft he tried to set up a meeting with the Cowboys but his advances were ignored.

    “I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get an interview from the Cowboys,” he said. “I kind of hovered around their suite, and whenever they got free time in between college guys, guys they were meeting with, I'd kind of go in there and kind of talk to the scouts and try to pull Coach (Jason) Garrett aside and Coach (Rob) Ryan and see if I could get a little session with them, a two-minute thing where I could talk to them."

    Miller was told he would have to wait until hometown day, where teams can invite as many local draft eligible players for an interview, to meet with the Cowboys.

    Chances are that Miller won't be around for the Cowboys when the team drafts in the nine hole.
    Would 49ers fans welcome a sack master who really has dreams of playing for one of the team's most bitter rivals? Probably.