2 Security Guards Pointed Guns at the U.S. Olympic Swimmers at Gas Station

A law enforcement official is telling The Associated Press that two security guards pointed guns at Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers during a dispute at a gas station.

The change in the version of events came after police interviewed one of the security guards on Thursday. It further deepened the mystery of what truly happened inside the station and set off an international dispute.

The official, who has direct knowledge of the investigation, spoke on the condition of anonymity Thursday because he was not authorized to speak about an ongoing probe.

The official said the swimmers broke the bathroom door and the soap dispenser inside. Security footage from inside the station shows the swimmers vandalizing the bathroom.

The official said workers at the gas station went to see what the commotion was about. At that point, a security guard also came and confronted the swimmers, and pointed a gun. A second guard came behind him and pointed another gun.

Brazilian police previously said no gun was pointed at the swimmers.

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