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49ers' D Coordinator Hints at Draft Day Moves



    49ers' D Coordinator Hints at Draft Day Moves
    Von Miller should be on the 49ers' short list.

    What will the San Francisco 49ers do in the draft?

    If new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has his way, the team will add either the player many consider the best pass rush specialist in the draft or the best corner.

    Fangio went on KNBR's the Razor and Mr. T show Monday and the former Cardinals' defensive play caller wasn't shy to say what he wanted in the upcoming college draft.

    “Obviously in the NFL with the quality of the quarterbacks, and the receiver play, and the diversity of the passing game with it being spread out, you’ve got to be able to hang in there stopping the passing game at some point in the game,” he said.

    Fangio all but named LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson and Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller as the two players he wants to target.

    Many draftnicks have one of the two players landing to the 49ers, both of whom would fill a gapping hole if they can live up to their pre draft hype.

    Read deeper into Fangio's words and it seems all but clear who he is talking about.

    “Particularly if you’re a good team and you’re protecting a lead in the fourth quarter," he said. "So everything involved in defending the pass, which means pass rush and coverage, is always at a premium. So I don’t think you can say any one position. Being able to help the team stop the pass is of upmost importance.”

    Listen to the full interview here.