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49ers' Game Plan Irked Vernon Davis



    49ers' Game Plan Irked Vernon Davis
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    Vernon Davis, middle, isn't sure why he was used as a blocker rather than a pass-catcher on Sunday.

    Few expect Vernon Davis -- the San Francisco 49ers' high-profile tight end -- to be little more than a $42 million blocker, chief among them Vernon Davis.
    Despite a depleted Dallas Cowboys secondary, the former first round draft pick was used primarily to block Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware in the Niners' overtime loss Sunday, not to catch passes -- which is what Davis, who was as a rookie the highest-paid tight end in NFL history and appears to have regained that title with his most recent contract -- is paid so handsomely to do.

    "I didn't think I would be up against Ware like that," Davis told the San Francisco Chronicle following the Niners' 27-24 loss to the Cowboys at Candlestick. "I didn't think that was going to happen because their secondary was banged up." Worst of all, as the newspaper pointed out, was that the strategem didn't work: Ware pierced 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's blocking scheme to sack quarterback Alex Smith twice, and Davis caught only two passes for 18 yards receiving.
    Not that Davis is calling out his coach. Not yet, anyway.
    "I've been in this position before," Davis told the newspaper, which noted that the Niners' marquee tight end drew Dallas defenders away from his teammates while running out routes. "In order for us to win we have to get everyone involved."