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49ers' Grounds Crew Needs Editor



    49ers' Grounds Crew Needs Editor
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    The 49ers grounds crew could use some help with their math.

    One look at the San Francisco 49ers practice field in Santa Clara, and you might wonder if that field was designed by the people who make the signs for Tea Party rallies.

    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat's Phil Barbernotices a rather hilarious error on the part of the 49ers grounds crew -- the field is only 90 yards long. It goes from a 40-yard line to a 20-yard line, with no 30-yard line in between.

    In an attempt to kinda sorta fix their error, the grounds crew stuck an orange "30" marker in between the 20 and 40 yard lines.

    "The groundscrew might not be in midseason form yet," writes Barber on his 49ers blog, "but you have to admire their creativity in stretching 10 yards into 20 when the need arose."

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    Maybe this is what happens when you have a coach who spells "physical" with an "F".

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks this would not be a problem for the Washinton Natinals.