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49ers Time Machine

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    49ers Time Machine

    Few thought that 12 games into the season with the current, dismal state of the NFC West the 49ers would be 4-8.

    Now, essentially needing to win their final four games to have a chance to play a fifth in the postseason, the Niners are looking forward, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back.

    Hop in the theoretical 49ers time machine and tell us what one thing, before the season began, that you would’ve changed with the team.

    Leave your ideas in the comments section and keep it clean, though it might be tempting to do otherwise. Feel free to change anything in this scenario. One on-the-field position, one addition to the front office, or even a change in the play calling, are all fair game.

    The time machine will bring you back safely to Candlestick, but you’ll have to tell us what great change in the present, your move in the past helped bring about.