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49ers Trying to Raise Ticket Prices



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    LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 31: San Francisco 49ers fans waves flags in support of their team during the NFL International Series match between Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium on October 31, 2010 in London, England. This is the fourth occasion where a regular season NFL match has been played in London. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

    While one Bay Area NFL team is cutting crazy deals to get fans to buy tickets, the San Francisco 49ers are going the other direction. They will be asking the City of San Francisco for permission to raise ticket prices 10-20% at city-owned Candlestick Park.

    And the 49ers are doing this as they stumble through a less-than-notable season, if you hadn't noticed.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the 49ers will ask the S.F. Parks and Recreation Commission permission to raise ticket prices effective next season. The 49ers require permission from the city, as the Candlestick Park venue is owned by the city.

    The increase would not affect all ticket level pricings. The increase would only affect seats which already cost $149 or more.

    The average NFL ticket, according to the league and reporter by the Chronicle, is $101.

    San Francisco fans might fairly wonder if this price increase is just being used to help finance another 49ers stadium elsewhere in a different city. The 49ers were evasive in explaining the reason for the increase.

    "Even with these price increases, our average ticket price will remain well below the league average," the 49ers' vice president of stadium operations said in a letter to the Parks Commission. "Our 2011 average ticket price will be among the most affordable in the entire league."

    That excuse is strong on rationalizing, but weak on explaining.

    Nonetheless, the price increase is expected to pass. The Parks and Recreation Commission can't really deny the increase without a reasonable cause argument, and the city would stand to make a few more hundred thousand dollars with the increase.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks the least the 49ers could do is throw in a 2011 Gold Rush Girls calendar on the deal.