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49ers Twitter War Ends Peacefully



    49ers Twitter War Ends Peacefully
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    All is forgiven with Patrick Willis and David Carr.

    It's all quiet on the NFC Western front, as a farewell to arms has brought the great 49ers Twitter war of 2010 to a peaceful close.

    And David Carr gets the red badge of courage for ending it with a prediction of another 49ers Super Bowl win.

    Carr, you'll recall, was just signed as the 49ers backup quarterback. And by just signed, I really mean just signed. He posted a TwitPic of himself literally signing his 49ers contract at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. He also posted a picture of the FedEx envelope containing his actual contract. I use those very same crappy MS Word templates myself, 49ers!

    But these Twitter applications weren't too kind to Carr over the weekend.

    49ers All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis ambushed Carr with a series of devastating Twitter put-downs Friday night. "We have 3 qb's that are better then him," Willis tweeted, comparing Carr unflatteringly to a rookie quarterback from Ball Sate who has never in his life taken one single NFL snap.

    Now KNBR's resident wisecracking sidekick Dan Dibley breaks the news that Willis called Carr to immediately smooth things over.

    "Patrick called me almost as soon as he posted his thoughts, We had great talk," Dibley recalls Carr telling him.

    "I'm sure Patrick is not the only player who will be thinkn 'what's this guy got?'" Carr told Dibley. "I told him that's why I left NY, to prove to myself and the rest of the NFL, I Can Play at a High Level, I can be the difference for a team, I believe in my heart I'm ready, Patrick and I have one thing in common, we will do ALL that is needed to bring another Championship to the 49ers."

    Championship? I would save my most incredulous-sounding Jim Mora impersonation for that prediction, David Carr. Carr is a failed No. 1 overall pick whose career stats show five more interceptions than touchdowns, and nearly five times more sacks than touchdowns.

    But don't write that Carr off so quickly, warns David Justice of the Houston Chronicle. In a guest article for the San Francisco Chronicle (no relation), Justice looks back at Carr's career and declares, "the Texans never gave him a chance."

    At least Patrick Willis is giving him another chance.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks Dan Dibley deserves his own radio show more than those occasionally-entertaining loudmouths whose shows he has to play the sidekick on.