49ers' Aldon Smith Named in Second Lawsuit Over 2012 House Party

San Francisco 49ers' All-Pro Linebacker Aldon Smith and his former teammate, Delanie Walker, are facing another lawsuit.

The second lawsuit filed this week in Santa Clara County comes from an attorney for Aaron Reyes, who is a friend of Ronndale Esporles, the plaintiff in the first lawsuit filed earlier this week.

Both lawsuits stem from a 2012 house party Smith hosted at his San Jose home.

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Reyes said, like Esporles, he received serious, catastrophic and permanent injuries.

The pair of lawsuits paint a similar picture of the events during Smith's party.

In the lawsuit filed for Reyes, he claims Smith and Walker knew of gang members at the party. It goes on to report during the course of the party, both players became aware that there were gang members and persons armed with weapons on the premises.

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The lawsuit also claims Smith had recently hosted similar parties at his home.

"Defendant Smith has already established a pattern of having wild and boisterous parties at his home," the lawsuit said.

The legal document said the party was advertised widely, including on the Internet. It also claims "drugs were used in an open and notorious fashion at the party."

Reyes also claims in his lawsuit Smith and Walker charged patrons for drinks, including serving an alcoholic concoction named "jungle juice."

Smith's legal team told NBC Bay Area they have no further comment.

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