49ers Bust Out 2009 Cheerleading Squad

The official site of the San Francisco 49ers informs us, with a photo that rear-end enthusiasts will surely enjoy,  that the 49ers have selected their 2009 Gold Rush cheerleading squad. After tryouts involving over 400 dancer candidates, the winning 32 San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders for 2009 have been selected. And we've got the goods with links to pictures and online video of them below!

This was a competitive, several-tiered tryout, people. You don't just get in to the 49ers Gold Rush Squad just because you were on the squad last year. You have to try out and make it all the way through final cuts every single year. And this is all to give national televison audiences the best possible on-screen transitions from football games to beer and truck commercials.

In additon to that, making the Gold Rush cheerleading squad means you have to make over 300 public appearances a year. Pictures of all  32 winners have been posted to 49ers.com, and be assured that they're perfect. They're all gorgeous, and none of them have last names.

There are no biographies provided for the any of the 2009 Gold Rush cheerleading team. So I can only assume that that their weekday job professions are as vampire slayers, espionage double agents, "Angels" and international assassins.

49ers.com also gives us a nice gallery of photos of cheerleader candidates doing their trying-out routines. It's just awesome, because they're obviously allowed to wear whatever kind of stripper attire they want for these tryouts.

And as for the video provided at the bottom of the page, ummm, these girls are uninhibited. You'll want to start taking dollar bills out of your wallet when you watch that video. If you have a wife, you should make sure she is not in the room before you go watching that video.

Check the NBCBayArea.com photo gallery of last year's 49er Gold Rush squad in action, just to help you better appreciate the rigors of the job. And keep an eye out for Alexis, Alyssa, Amber, etc. this season, because you'd really like to see them do some of those, you know, public appearances.

 Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who will mouse over those same cheerleader pictures for the next month hoping somehow, some way there will some day be larger scale photo galleries added for each cheerleader.

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