49ers Vow to Improve Traffic, Parking Headaches at Levi’s Stadium at Open House

Team unveils videos to help fans find their way to the game

The 49ers responded Tuesday to gripes surrounding the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara when it opened to the public last week and some of the 30,000 guests complained about heavy traffic, lack of parking and confusing signage.

The team's 49ers chief operating officer Al Guido addressed those same fans letting them know the team is still working on traffic issues in the area. The subject of the email is "Thank You: We're Acting on Your Feedback."

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"We probably could have done a better job telling people to use public transit, we could have used the changeable message boards a little better going down the highway," Guido told NBC Bay Area, which also obtained a similar email. "When it comes to staffing, messaging, we could have done a much better job."

Guido thanked fans for their feedback and reminded them that an additional 15,000 parking stalls will be available on actual game days.  He also said that the team continues to work with Santa Clara officials and had a meeting planned Tuesday.

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The acknowledgement came after Friday's big open house at the stadium, where many complained it took them an hour to get off the main Highway 101 exit to the stadium, a route that normally takes about five minutes. The 49ers had touted a personalized custom-made traffic route for ticket holders, but that wasn't implemented last week.

Friday's congestion also was compounded by rush-hour work traffic that officials promise won't be present on Sunday game days.

Guido said the team is rolling out informational online videos to help educate ticket holders on how to get around the new facility.  

The first ticketed major event will take place Saturday when the San Jose Earthquakes take the field. 

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