49ers Fans Enjoy Super Bowl Outcome, Look Forward to Big Game Next Year at Levi's Stadium

The game was on in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX, but 49ers fan were into the game for two reasons--their rival Seattle Seahawks were in it and next year's game will be hosted at Levi's Stadium.

The countdown has begun to Super Bowl 50. In just 370 days, the Super Bowl will kick off at Levi's Stadium, the home of the 49ers.

Some 49ers fans who attended the Super Bowl in Arizona said they will be in Santa Clara in a year, hoping they do not have to make the painful team choice they had to Sunday night.

"I'm a big New England fan today, I'm not going to lie," 49ers fan Amar Patel said.

Patel is not actually a Patriots fan. He is actually against Seattle for no other reason than they are the 49ers' biggest rival.

Everyone in the Patel family is a 49er fan and cannot wait to be in the Bay Area in a year to watch the biggest game of the year, hopefully with their favorite team in it. They said his past season was an aberration.

"We had a lot of injured players this past year. I think it had a lot to do with that," Patel said.

Patel got his wish, as the Seahawks lost to the Patriots 28-24. The Patriots came back with 14 points in the fourth quarter to stun the Seahawks.

Eden Garcia wore his Jerry Rice jersey to Tempe, Arizona Sunday night. He shared his strategy for getting the 49ers to next year's big game on Feb. 7.

"We need to get our running game together," Garcia said. "We need to get Kaepernick to throw the ball in the short pass."

Back in the Bay Area, bars and living rooms were packed with fans and lots of emotion.

From St. Stephen's Green pub in Mountain View to the Old Pro in Palo Alto, football fans' passion for their team was entertaining.

Like Patel, most 49ers fans were happy to see Super Bowl XLIX go to the Patriots--but then again--it appears they would have been happy with any team winning as long as it was not the Seahawks.

And there were also Bay Area Seahawks fans in wild support of their team--and they seemed confident in the beginning.

"Incredible! We're doing so good tied up at halftime, we're doing really really good," one Seahawks fan said.

"Another Seahawks win, another one of these rings right here," another Seattle fan said.

But the Patriots would come back from 10 points down in the fourth quarter to win that Super Bowl ring. They beat the Seahawks 28-24, making 49ers fans very happy.

And it was not just 49ers fans that were happy. Some Bay Area football fans were rooting for a Bay Area native playing for New England.

"[Quarterback] Tom Brady is a hometown boy from the get go," one Brady fan said. "I will never ever not back Tom Brady. Are you kidding me?"

Brady had two fourth-quarter touchdowns to lead the Patriots to victory. He also took Super Bowl MVP honors Sunday night.

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