49ers Football Coach Jim Harbaugh in Push-Up Contest with Walrus

Who could win in a push-up contest: San Francisco 49ers football coach Jim Harbaugh or a walrus?

Well, you'll just have to determine the push-up champ yourself by watching a video Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo sent out Sunday showing just that: The coach versus the pinniped.

In an impromptu workout session, a 17-second video shows the 215-pound Harbaugh and the 1,750-pound Siku bending elbows – and flippers – while pressing and flexing their pecs. By Monday afternoon, the video had been seen more than 12,000 times, four times as many as in the morning.

Harbaugh was wearing not his trademark khaki slacks but rather a long-sleeved gray T-shirt and white striped shorts. He went nose-to-nose with the fleshy beast, shouting "Up, down! Up, down!" to Siku, who mimicked the coach, earning herself a raw fish. (Harbaugh declined a treat.)

Park spokeswoman Nancy Chan told NBC Bay Area that Harbaugh was visiting the park with his extended family from out of town and did several "animal meet-and-greets." He bottle-fed milk to a tiger, fed an elephant bananas, petted a dolphin and kissed a sea lion.

When marine mammal trainer Abby Warner showed Harbaugh that Siku could do situps and push-ups, Chan said the football coach said eagerly, "Can I do this?"

Chan said the whole thing was "so much fun," she just had to grab a video and post it on the theme park's YouTube channel, SFDKLandSeaSky . She asked Harbaugh's permission to send it out. He said sure.

"He was just so gracious," she said.

It was a different side of Harbaugh that fans don't usually get to see. The coach is more apt to be called high-strung and hard-nosed than quirky and whimsical. The push-up video had people like Connor Root tweeting out that it made him "dislike" Harbaugh "just a bit less."

Others were tweeting "Can't. Look. Away." ESPN's Travis Haney tweeted, "Yeah, but what sort of slacks was the walrus wearing?"

The football coach is no stranger to this amusement park. In June, he was at Discovery Kingdom, screaming "Jiminy Christmas" as he took a ride on the new Superman roller coaster.

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