49ers Get New Uniforms

Nike says the look is slightly sleeker.

San Francisco 49er quarterback Alex Smith played the role of a model Tuesday as the NFL unveiled its latest new look.

All 32 teams have new uniforms designed by Nike. Each team has a representative for the gridiron-themed fashion show at a Brooklyn film studio and Smith was the man for San Francisco.

Nike took over from Reebok as the new NFL partner.
The designs are said to stay pretty true to what NFL fans have come to expect. We're having trouble finding any difference when it comes to changes for the 49ers. The Raiders uniform did not change at all other than the logo went from Reebok to Nike.

One thing that caught our eye was the fact that the generic uniform reads "San Fran" instead of San Francisco. That is a bit of a no-no around these parts. It's better than "Frisco," but still not good.

Each player will have his name on the back and not the city, so this shouldn't be an issue for the final two years the team actually plays in the city of San Francisco.

Groundbreaking for the team's new $1.2 billion stadium in Santa Clara is set for April 19.

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