49ers Ignore “the Most stunning NFL Venue in the Country”


San Francisco and Lennar are selling the Hunters Point site for a 49ers stadium as a thrilling waterfront location — "the most stunning NFL venue in the country."

But the Niners appear to be completely oblivious to their efforts, they themselves being laser-focused on not, at the moment, deciding where they should plop their stadium, but how to get their Santa Clara stadium through.

Yes, the city of Santa Clara is getting sued now for apparently ramming through their approval of the football team's environmental impact report before it was ready, but, according to the Merc, the team has a clever end run around that whole situation. See that? "End run."

They're backing a voters' initiative on the ballot, which would put aside any question of whether the city council acted improperly in putting their stadium proposal on the ballot. Of course, now there just might be two initiatives on the ballot for the same damn thing. And we probably don't need to mention that neither of them has anything to do with San Francisco.

Meanwhile, over in Lennar land, the developer has let loose a new set of images of their Hunters Point redevelopment, including their vision of a 49ers stadium on the site of the former shipyard, and a curious collection of alien eggs strewn about a public park.

Says the San Francisco Sentinel: "The images also show a scene not likely to be repeated by any stadium in Santa Clara – a Monday Night Football game." Zing! (Concerns over traffic in Santa Clara have raised the possibility of a Monday Night Football-free stadium.)

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