49ers, Joe Montana in Tussle Over Parking at Levi's Stadium: Report

The 49ers are pitting themselves against one of their former greats - Joe Montana - over parking issues, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Niners need a place for their football fans to park  on game days and spots for non-football fans for when other events are held during the week.

The 49ers get 789 parking spots on land where Montana's company intends to build a hotel, stores and office space, according to a contract signed in 2012, the Chronicle reported. The site is just across the street from the stadium.

"Their position has been that unless we find other parking acceptable to them, they may not allow the project to go forward," City Manager Julio Fuentes told the Chronicle.

Simply sharing parking spaces with the Montana development won't do, the team says. Niners President Larry MacNeil told city officials in a letter Feb. 10 that, if Montana's $400 million project goes ahead, Santa Clara needs to come up with 8.5 acres of replacement parking free of charge.

So far, the team has rejected most of 4,000 spaces that the city has proposed as too distant, too waterlogged or beset by other problems, the Chronicle reported.

Robert Mezzetti, an attorney who represents Montana Property Group, did not return calls to the Chronicle's Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross for comment.

Levi's Stadium is set to open in August.

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