49ers Among NFL's Most-Valuable Teams

Raiders near bottom of annual list of NFL's priciest teams

When it comes to money, the Bay Area's NFL rivalry is one-sided. The San Francisco 49ers are worth far more than the Oakland Raiders, according to the Forbes annual list of NFL franchises' values.

And that's despite the Raiders making more money than their red-and-gold counterparts.

The Niners kicked off their new era as full-time Santa Clara residents this year and have a market value -- theoretical, of course, as Jed York doesn't appear to be shopping the team around to Arab oil sheiks anytime soon -- of $1.6 billion, Forbes reported.

It's a few steps down from teams like the Dallas Cowboys, which Forbes pegs as worth almost double that, but the 49ers' value is still good for ninth place in the league.

The Raiders, on the other hand, are worth $970 million, which puts them in 28th place. Which, to Raider-haters, sounds just about right (sorry, Black Hole).

This is despite the Raiders making more profit that the Niners: Forbes says that the Niners pulled in $25 million in operating revenue last year compared to $43 million for Mark Davis's franchise. Just profit, baby.

The two teams play each other in December in Oakland. 

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