49ers-Raiders Could Be Worst Prime-Time Game in NFL History

The Bay Area's NFL teams will enter Week 9 a combined 2-13

The 49ers and Raiders are set for a historic matchup Thursday night at Levi's Stadium.

It's just not the kind of history either team wants to make.

The Bay Area's NFL teams will enter Week 9 a combined 2-13, good (or not good?) for a shared winning percentage of .133. No two NFL teams have entered a prime-time game on Nov. 1 or later with a worse combined winning percentage, according to Pro Football Reference.

The craziest thing? That record could be broken the following week.

The 49ers will host the New York Giants on Monday, Nov. 12, in Santa Clara. The Giants lost to the Washington Redskins this week, falling to 1-7. So, if the 49ers lose to the Raiders and drop to 1-8, that means the Week 10 matchup will feature two tems with a combined .118 winning percentage.

Feel the excitement, Bay Area football fans! The good(?) news is that the rest of the country will have to suffer with you, as Fox/NFL Network and ESPN can't flex out of the matchup.

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