49ers Say They Prefer Oakland Over San Francisco

So there's been all this work to set up a 49ers stadium in Santa Clara — a city council initiative, a new voter-backed initiative — but if all that fails, the backup place that "has the location and the infrastructure" is Oakland.

Yep, Hunters Point's grand vision of a stadium surrounded by a brand new community doesn't even pass muster for a 49ers Plan B.

It's nothing personal, as the Niners President Jed York says.

Oakland has, in addition to location and infrastructure, freeway and BART access, while Hunters Point has none of those things.

No work at all's been done to lay the groundwork for a possible Oakland move, but the point is that the East Bay city is preferable to San Francisco.

That opens the door to a shared stadium with the Raiders — possibly even a "plush new one somewhere."

Just not in San Francisco, as that apparently wouldn't work for the Raiders.

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