49ers Spend $2.5 Million to Showcase Stadium

New $2.5 million center showcases fan experience with high-tech features and realistic suite experience

The 49ers have found a new way to show off its Santa Clara stadium plan. The team put together a mock-up of the planned stadium on Great America Parkway.

The media got a preview Tuesday, but it will be open to season ticket holders and potential suite buyers in the coming weeks. 

The replica show on a smaller scale what the 1.85-million-square-foot stadium will feel like.

The Techmart set up has a mock suite, a large stadium model, and used virtual technology to show what it will be like to be inside the facility for the August 2015 kick off.

The full sized mock suite shows that they are among the biggest in the NFL. There's room for 16 people. The tour guide can also change the virtual view so you can know what you will see if you buy one. 

In all there will be 165 luxury suites. All will include amenities such as Italian porcelain tile flooring, fully upholstered theater-style seating, multiple flat-screen monitors, a sustainable sourced bamboo wood buffet counter and Wi-Fi.

The location of the suites is also a plus. Owners will have access to the best parking. In addition, by eliminating stacked suites on the east side of the stadium, two-thirds of the total seat capacity will be in the lower bowl with improved sight lines in the upper bowl.

The 7,000-square-foot center alone cost $2.5 million.
That's a drop in the bucket to the overall stadium cost. The new facility is estimated to cost $987 million. It will seat 68,500 and features 9,000 club seats. 

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