49ers Stadium Gets a Deeper Look

Tuesday is a big day for the San Francisco 49ers.

No they didn't trade for Tom Brady or find the second incarnation of Bill Walsh. But the team's future success could hinge on a discussion taking place in the South Bay.

Santa Clara city officials are schedueld to consider several plans designed to help pave the way for a new stadium for the 49ers.

The city will consider rezoning properties located on Centennial Boulevard, near the Great America theme park.

The street is also just a stone's throw from the team's headquarters. Councilmembers will also consider approving $1.5 million in additional money that would be transferred to the city's redevelopment agency, which would then be shared in the cost of stadium development fees.

The money could be vital to a project whose opening date was pushed back a year just last month because team president Jed York said up to $500 million promised by the NFL is in limbo because of the league's tenuous collective barganing agreement.

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