49ers Turn to Tech for Postseason Advantage

Software on the sidelines

We've known for years that sports and technology go hand in glove.

And, as the 49ers start to move an entire franchise into Silicon Valley, we're seeing more tech on the sidelines and in the locker room than ever before.

Case in point: Software from tech giant SAP, helping the 49ers harness "big data" to track their own players, while also helping to scout opponents. The Niners already made news with all the technology coming to their new Santa Clara stadium, what with WiFi all over the place, expecting fans to be carrying iPads to their seats.

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It's also common for coaching staffs to carry iPads on the sidelines. By using SAP's software, called "HANA," the team can track players, both on the opposing sideline, and in the college ranks, to improve future drafts.

SAP is German, but it's been growing and recruiting heavily in Silicon Valley for years. The company is also a sponsor of the new 49er stadium, so look for more applications to find their way to the sidelines.

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