49ers Mailbag: Trade Deadline Nears

The 49ers return from the bye week on Tuesday to begin preparations to face the New Orleans Saints.

Coincidentally, the NFL trade deadline is Tuesday at 1 p.m. (PT).

We are getting back from a nice break to kick off the week with another edition of 49ers Mailbag cobbled together from questions posted on Facebook.

Why haven't the 9ers made a trade? Brooks, Staley and Smith all have value. Why no movement?‬ (Aaron Noble)
I’ve reported the 49ers are not actively shopping players. Whether other teams might contact the 49ers to see what it would take to acquire some of those players you mentioned, that’s another story.

Just remember that every player that is traded signifies one more position the team must address in the offseason.

Joe Staley is signed through 2019 at reasonable base salaries. If the 49ers were to trade him, now they have a big hole at left tackle. Could Trent Brown move to left tackle? Perhaps, but it seems more wise to keep Staley around – unless another team comes strong with a trade offer.

In the case of Torrey Smith, the 49ers were the highest bidder last year with a contract that averages $8 million a season. The final three years of his contract consist of $8 million annually in salary and bonuses. If a team thought that cost was too much for him a year ago, it’s doubtful their opinion of him has grown based on what he’s done with the 49ers over the past 1 ½ seasons.

I'm not sure how much trade value, if any, Ahmad Brooks has at this stage in his career.

Can you envision a scenario where Niners trade for Tony Romo in the offseason?‬ (Trevor Millington)
The 49ers need an overhaul at the quarterback position. Colin Kaepernick reworked his deal to allow him to be a free agent at the end of the season. Regardless of how he performs, it seems highly unlikely he will be back with the 49ers next season.

The 49ers’ best course of action is to see if they can add a starter shortly after the beginning of the new league year in March. Yes, Tony Romo could be an option. Also, Jimmy Garappolo, who would entering his final season under contract to the New England Patriots, could be a player worthy of serious discussion, too.

Depending on the level of veteran quarterback the 49ers are able to acquire, the 49ers then can approach the draft accordingly. In other words, if the 49ers add a quarterback who figures to start for a while, they do not have to draft a quarterback in the first or second round.

Is there chance the Niners will trade Carlos Hyde for a solid middle linebacker and some draft picks this offseason? ‬(Mike Montoya)
Any chance? There’s always a chance. But, realistically, Hyde is a player the 49ers would want to sign to a multi-year contract extension to keep around for a while.

When will the management step in and talk about the future of the franchise on which direction it's going?‬ (Brian Lopes)
CEO Jed York and general manager Trent Baalke speak publicly on football matters in the offseason. Once the season begins, the organization’s philosophy is that the coach is the “voice of the football team.”

York seems to have learned a lesson from some ill-advised in-season posts on Twitter in the past. He has remained silent on social media during the season. After the departure of Jim Harbaugh, York explained his view on the matter.

“(The) head coach deals with the team and the media on almost a daily basis,” York said. “I don’t think you see CEOs doing daily or weekly media interviews and conferences.”

York is typically available to answer questions about the direction of the organization after the season.

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