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A Lot to Hate



    A Lot to Hate
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    We score very high in the Forbes list of most disliked sports figures.

    The Bay Area is one of the premier areas in the country when it comes to sports franchises and apparently there is a lot to hate about the people who make their money as athletes.

    Forbes magazine picked the top ten most disliked sports figures and nearly half of them are from here or played here.

    Al Davis ranked No. 2.  He is one of the most controversial owners in the NFL and no stranger to conflict. His multiple lawsuits and attempt to move the Raiders to LA didn’t go over too well with fans.

    Tiger Woods is a Stanford grad and ranked No. 4 for his off the link activity of the past year.

    Former "Bash Boy" Mark McGuire may have crushed the single-season home run record in Missouri, but he started his slug-fest in Oakland.  Sports fans apparently doubt the slugger's achievement came naturally, as he has been accused of illegal steroid use. This might explain why he comes in at No. 6.

    Former 49er Terrell Owens left the West Coast one of the least popular players in San Francisco and that slide has continued on the East Coast.  He has been in the center of numerous controversies -- that don't make up for that spectacular catch against the Packers.