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A Single Girl’s Guide to AT&T Park



    A Single Girl’s Guide to AT&T Park
    Marika Krause
    The views not bad from up here.

    Baseball season is here and with it a whole new summer at one of the best places in the Bay Area. I love AT&T Park. I can’t help it. I do.

    I’m a Colorado girl, so a ballpark where fans kayak to catch splash balls is pretty sweet. The park is great if you’re not even into baseball. My friend and I caught the sunset from the upper reserve, which is seriously picture perfect. Literally. I uploaded a picture to Facebook from my phone right there.

    The best seats in my opinion are not the expensive ones. The bleachers are where its at when it comes to flirting and having fun.

    Where else can you heckle the players in a spot they can hear you? Or move closer to the cute guy or girl of your choice? If there are a bunch of screaming kids or obnoxious teenagers, or you feel like being obnoxious and don’t want to bug the family next to you, you can move up or down a few rows or even over an entire section.

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    The Giants offer themed nights where you can get a deal. There are three singles nights this year: April 26, June 16 and October 1.

    A drink voucher and pre-party with a raffle and DJ come with the special tickets for less than $20. They even sell women’s and men’s tickets to make sure there’s a good mix of the sexes.

    IF YOU GO: Drinks add up at the park. Pre-drink and catch the uber-convenient Caltrain or Muni (T-Third and N Judah lines.) Or grab a drink at 21st Amendment, just a few blocks away. Be prepared though, this place is popular and their watermelon wheat is a must.

    Also, keep in mind you can bring food and even sealed non-alcoholic drinks with you. I know nothing says "I love baseball" like a hot juicy braut but grab the sunflower seeds and Coke at the Safeway just down the street beforehand and save yourself a couple bucks. You’ll want to spend that on the garlic fries instead.

    Marika Krause produces NBC Bay Area Mornings. She works overnights, so she crams more fun and Bay Area adventures into the weekend than most people do in a week. You can catch her weekly blog right here on nbcbayarea.com.