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Al Davis Has Way Nicer Raiders Stuff Than You



    Al Davis Has Way Nicer Raiders Stuff Than You
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    Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis just splurged on more Raiders furnishings for his southern California home.

    Some Raiders fans aren't thrilled with Al Davis these days, but nobody can argue that he doesn't spend crazy money on his team. He apparently also spends crazy money on his team's customized furnishings for his off-season house.

    Sans Soucie, a ridiculously high-end glass art studio, gives us a peek at some awesome and over-the-top Oakland Raiders glass doors they just installed in Al Davis' southern California home. These suckers are ten feet tall, very gorgeous, and covered in fancy customized Raiders logos. This is some of the most beautiful Raiders gear on the planet that was just installed in Davis' Coachella Valley home.

    Coachella Valley? Mr. Davis, I promise to write nicer things about your team if me and my buddies can crash there during the music festival.

    "Each door is a towering 10′ tall x 5′ wide," the studio's blog says of the custom Raiders doors, "And (they) were etched and carved with a custom design to provide privacy." And to block out sunlight, right? 

    Prices for these glass doors are not listed, but be assured that they are out of your neighborhood. Sans Soucielists Bank of America headquarters in Manhattan and Michael Jackson among their other clients. So that's some pretty exclusive company there, Al Davis.

    So enjoy an Internet peek at one of the sweetest Raider-themed home improvements in any house in the world. And don't expect Randy Hanson and Tom Cable to be allowed to chat anywhere near Al Davis' expensive new glass doors.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thought he was splurging when he bought a Raiders cigarette lighter.