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Parent Chokes High School Football Coach

Alameda High School football turns as violent as a typical Raiders game



    Parent Chokes High School Football Coach
    Lisle Boomer
    Won't somebody think of the children?

    Not since Raider's coach Tom Cable punched an assistant has there been this much action on East Bay sidelines.

    Kevin Harvell of Oakland has been charged with misdemeanor battery after an incident after an Alameda High School football game.

    Seems Harvell didn't much like a coach yelling at his son during a game, so he showed up to practice yesterday and allegedly choked said coach.

    Not example the best example to set for the young players, who had to break up the fight.

    While the coach only suffered a torn shirt, Harvell's poor son will likely never live down the embarrassment.

    Photo by Lisle Boomer.

    Jackson West remembers crazed parents from his little league days loudly urging children to injure each other. Good times.