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Awful Ex-Raider Plays Dear Abby for McNabb



    Awful Ex-Raider Plays Dear Abby for McNabb
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    Donovan McNabb is reportedly less than pleased.

    Raider Nation will remember DeAngelo Hall as one of the Oakland Raiders' all-time most worst free agent acquisitions. Hall, now a Redskin, signed a $70 million contract in 2008 and then played some of the most disturbingly ineffective pass defense this storied franchise has ever seen. The Raiders cut Hall after only eight games.

    Nation, DeAngelo Hall is not done giving you indigestion just yet.

    Hall, who is generally best known for having one good season in 2005 and for painting pro-Michael Vick slogans on his face the day Vick was sentenced to the hoosegow, has some unsolicited advice for Donovan McNabb, the Phildadelphia quarterback who is on the trading block, and the Raiders are reportedly interested.

    "He doesn't want to go to Oakland," Hall said of McNabb, as quoted on Washington Post writer Rick Maese's Twitter feed. "Tell him that. If you have any say-so in the matter, tell him I said that."

    It bears repeating here, people -- a player cannot refuse a trade in the NFL except through a specific no-trade clause in his contract. A no-trade clause is far more rare in the NFL than the NBA or MLB, and McNabb doesn't have that language in his deal.

    McNabb's only refusal option here would be to sit out the 2010 season. But then he wouldn't get even a dollar of his salary, which would not support his lifestyle, and the Raiders would still own his rights.

    Plus, Donovan McNabb has biological clock of about two years max in which he can still reasonably play NFL football. And one of those years is a possible lockout season.

    So if the Raiders do this trade, McNabb's only way out of Oakland would be to stink so prolifically, historically badly that they just cut him from the team.

    Which DeAngelo Hall actually knows a thing or two about.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who knows Donovan McNabb would warm right up to Oakland if he only knew about the Seoul on Wheels Korean BBQ cart.