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Woe is Plaxico: Bank Forecloses on Burress' Castle

Creditors don't care if you're in prison or not



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    Former Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress appears before judge Michael Melkonian for his sentencing in Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009, in New York. Burress was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a nightclub and later reaching a plea deal on weapons charges.( AP Photo/Marc Hermann, Pool)

    It's not like Plaxico Burress was going to need to use his South Florida mansion anytime soon anyway. Well, it's not really his anymore.

    Deutsche Bank National Trust hammered in the foreclosure sign on the $4 million Lighthouse Pointe mansion that was once the luxurious pad of the former NFL star receiver and Super Bowl hero, reports the New York Post.

    Burress owes about $250,000 to creditors but he hasn't been able to make the payments lately.

    Maybe they didn't hear, but Burress has a free, new home in a New York correctional facility. The 32-year old is serving out a two-year sentence for felony illegal gun possession charges.

    That accidental bullet to his leg just keeps costing Burress.

    Foreclosure isn't the worst thing that could have happened for Burress, even if he was a free man. His house has lost about $1.7 million in value in less than five years, according to Broward Property Appraiser's data.

    Just like virtually every other mortgage holder in South Florida, Burress found himself underwater.