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Barry Bonds Cashing in on Giants' World Series Run



    Barry Bonds Cashing in on Giants' World Series Run
    Bonds' indictment for lying under oath about his use of performing enhancing drugs didn't stop the ex-Giants slugger from having a good time. Bonds' hometown crowd reportedly cheered as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Game 3.

    The biggest benefactor of the San Francisco Giants World Series run may be the one player fans are happy is no longer with the team.

    The former Giants' slugger hasn't played baseball in three years but the team is still on the hook to him for millions of dollars.

    Matier and Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle report that the Giants were poised to lose between $4 and $5 million this season before making their run deep into the playoffs.

    Now through memorabilia and ticket sales, the Giants are expecting to be $7 to $10 million in the black.

    The number would be even higher if the team did not owe Bonds' $5 million in deferred payments. The controversial hitter signed a one year $15. 8 million contract with the team in 2007. Before that he was playing on a five year $90 million contract.

    San Francisco's run into November has also helped the team next year as well. Giants' President Larry Baer told the Chronicle that the team has sold 3,500 new season tickets for next season.