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Barry Bonds the "Devoted Dad"



    Barry Bonds the "Devoted Dad"

    Barry Bonds played the role of father Tuesday and accompanied his son to court in San Mateo.

    Nikolai Bonds, 20, had a date with a judge to answer criminal charges linked to a fight with his mother.

    While Nikolai walked side by side with this famous baseball father today, he is no longer allowed to get within a football field of his mom.

    The court commissioner granted a restraining order to bar him from contacting his mother or coming within 100 yards of her.

    In court, Nikolai pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges.   He faces charges of battery, false imprisonment, vandalism, making threats to an officer and obstructing an officer in connection with an incident back on December 5.

    Investigators say things got out of hand inside Sun Bonds home during a discussion over some missing jewelry.

    Police say Nikolai threw a doorknob at his mother after spitting in her face.  He is also accused of damaging $400 worth of property in the home.
    Barry and Sun Bonds divorced in 1994.

    Nikolai Bonds is due back in court next month to set a trial date.

    Lori Preuitt can't wait for Opening Day.