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Barry's Agent Flirting With Giants Comeback

Agent thinks Bonds could solve team's power troubles



    Barry's Agent Flirting With Giants Comeback
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    Barry Bonds' agent recommends that the San Francisco Giants bring back Barry Bonds.

    It's no secret that the cinderella San Francisco Giants are pursuing trades for a power hitter to add some jack to their line-up and bring more fans to AT&T Park.

    Barry Bonds' agent has noticed their predicament. Can you take a wild guess who Barry Bonds' agent thinks the Giants should turn to?

    "I know the Giants are dying for power, and they're in it," Bonds' agent Jeff Borristold the San Francisco Chronicle. "They wouldn't have to look beyond their backyard."

    Because Jeff Borris considers the San Francisco Federal Courthouse to be not "beyond their backyard".

    But Borris has a point here. The Giants are desperately pursuing a batting upgrade, and bringing Barry back aboard would not require giving up any players or prospects that a conventional trade would require.

    And his presence on the club has been known to sell a few tickets.

    But it's something of an understatement to say that Bonds would bring an extra-large batting hemlet full of issues, distractions, and controversies. The guy is days away from turning 45-years-old. He's in the middle of a rather highly-publicized perjury trial, and he gets chased by the federal government more than Osama bin Laden.

    There are also some troubling nuts-and-bolts baseball considerations, too. This is not the American League, and there is no designated hitter. Bonds would actually have to play an outfield position, or at least pretend to play an outfield position. And if you thought he was a slow fielder and baserunner two years ago, just think how flat-footed he is after a couple seasons away from the game.

    One also wonders the effect Barry's addition would have on the clubhouse. Has his time away from baseball made him any less surly, demanding, and unwilling to follow team rules? The team enabled his personality during his march toward the home run record. Would they return to that placating mindset? There is a sense that these young Giants have finally developed their effective post-Barry Bonds mentality as a team. Do they want to undo all that?

    In other Bonds news, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Bonds' lawyers are countering federal prosecutors' attempts to readmit Bonds' positive steroids tests as evidence. 

    And that has to be one of the critical argument against the Giants bringing back Bonds. This "other Bonds news" stuff would be part of their everyday baseball routine for the rest of what was shapinjg up to be their comeback season.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who also likes to blame his impotence on flaxseed oil.