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Best Seat in the House? It's Here

San Jose honored with "Ultimate Seat"



    Best Seat in the House? It's Here
    The Shark Tank. Photo: Monkeyseemonkeypoo on Flickr

    Go ahead, stretch out. You'll be comfortable. Need food? Right away. Oh, and while you're at it, you've got a great view of the action. In fact, according to ESPN The Magazine, you don't just have the best seat in the house, you have the best seat in the country.

    ESPN, after (we assume) exhaustive research, singled out section 113, row 17, seat 16 inside San Jose's HP Pavilion as the "Best Seat in the House," USA edition. All the arenas, all the teams, every city -- even the butt stops here. 

    How did they choose?  ESPN says it looked at top franchises, proximity to concessions, room to move and feel comfortable and the view. 

    For this seat, they cited a great view of the Sharks coming out of the big head to start the game, "not to mention a bird's-eye view of Joe Thornton and company on offense twice a game."

    The seat in question is not, as you might imagine, a cheap ticket.  It goes for $83 a (regular season) game. But, as ESPN points out, once the Sharks win a Stanley Cup, the seat will be "priceless."

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