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Biekert Back With Raiders as a Coach



    Biekert Back With Raiders as a Coach
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    Greg Biekert is back with the Raiders.

    Former Oakland Raiderslinebacker Greg Biekert did not get his Super Bowl ring with the Raiders in 2001, because the Tom Brady fumble he recovered was ruled an incomplete pass.

    But Biekert is back, and he's still chasing that Raiders championship. Now he's doing it as an assistant defensive coach.

    The Raiders announced this week that Biekert has joined their coaching staff as an assistant coach on defense. Biekert played nine seasons with the Raiders, and two with the Minnesota Vikings.

    "It is great to be back and to wear the Silver and Black again,” Biekert told “Being a Raider is something that my family and I have always been proud of and love. Now I have the opportunity once again to contribute to the greatness of the Raiders."

    Greg Biekert represents a lot of good things in sports you just don't see much anymore.

    Biekert was a seventh-round nobody of a draft pick in 1993, selected No. 181 overall. Seventh-rounders are lucky to make the roster, let alone last four years in the NFL. Biekert led his team in tackles for four years in the NFL, and never missed a regular season game in his 11 seasons.

    After football, Biekert stayed right here in the Bay Area. He's served as a volunteer assistant coach with Las Lomas High in Walnut Creek.

    The Raiders now have three former Raider players on their defensive coaching staff. Biekert joins Lionel Washington and Willie Brown as fierce former Raiders now prowling the sidelines as position coaches or assistants on defense.

    Somehow, I don't see any assistant defensive coaches getting punched this year.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who was amused when looking back to the 1993 NFL Draft to see that Rick Mirer was selected No. 2 while Greg Biekert was selected No. 181.