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Bonds Urine Gets Thrown From Case



    Bonds Urine Gets Thrown From Case
    Barry Bonds at Presidents Cup

    The Associated Press is reporting that an appeals court in the Barry Bonds perjury trial must exclude urine samples and other key evidence that is in any way connected to Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson.

    That is good news for the former Giants slugger and a significant setback for the federal government's effort to prosecute Bonds.

    Bonds, 45, is charged with 10 counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing justice in grand jury testimony on Dec. 4, 2003.

    The urine samples in question tested positive for steriods.  The trouble with them is that they came from Anderson, who is not only Bonds' long-time trainer, but also his friend.

    Both the appeals court and a lower court say any evidence tied directly to Anderson is  "hearsay" and therefore inadmissible evidence unless the trainer testifies to the items' authenticity. 

      Anderson has gone to jail twice instead of testifying against Bonds.  They apparently believe that Anderson is will to go to jail again in order to keep from testifying in the case.

    The issue could be appealed to a higher court, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

    U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Jack Gillund told Bay City News, "We have no  comment at this time."