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Brian Wilson Is an 'Awesome Vatican Assassin': Charlie Sheen



    Brian Wilson Is an 'Awesome Vatican Assassin': Charlie Sheen
    Brian Wilson poses for a picture during spring training.

    San Francisco Giants' fans worried about their closer hanging out with a drugged-out, porn star-loving Hollywood actor have nothing to worry about, right? Maybe.

    Charlie Sheen's ongoing battle to clean up his life and get back on his hit CBS television show continue.

    Last week, Giants' closer Brian Wilson took flak for flying out on a private jet to meet with Sheen and talk about a new version of the movie "Major League."

    Since then the actor has apparently decided to go on a media offensive to get production of his halted show, "Two and a Half Men," turned backed on.

    In a strange 18-minute interview on the "Alex Jones Show," Sheen goes after his bosses at CBS and talks about his life.

    But about 12 minutes into his speech, Sheen decided to turn his attention to the Giants' colorful ace in a semi-coherent way.

    After calling Wilson an "awesome Vatican assassin," Sheen went on to talk about the pitcher's character.

    "He's as radical as you think he might be," Sheen said.

    That radicalness is the reason he is such an effective pitcher, according to Sheen.

    "It his job to go out there and embarrass people," the actor said. "Not just beat them but embarrass them."

    After abruptly transition to Wilson, the actor just as abruptly transitioned into talking about love and hate but not before sounding an awful lot like Wilson speaking with Chris Rose.