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Brian Wilson and "The Machine" Uncovered

This story delves into secret ninjas, lunch with benefits and a little S&M.



    Brian Wilson and "The Machine" Uncovered
    The country is getting to know Giants closer Brian Wilson.

    Giantscloser Brian Wilson is not your typical player.  A lot of closers portray themselves as some form of an alter ego to help psyche themselves up while psyching out the batters they face. Wilson is one of them.

    Wilson is clearly intelligent, but as fans learned during his weekly show on cable last year called "Life of Brian," he is also eccentric.

    The country is now learning a thing or two about the man with a killer fastball, a dyed beard and a body covered in tattoos.

    During Saturday's night locker room interview on Fox, sportcaster Chris Rose had a bizarre exchange with Wilson.  Wilson said his post-game celebration was "going to get weird" and said facing the Rangers "sounds delicious." He also made reference to "the Machine."  Following the comment about the machine, Rose asked him not to share any more of that with the television audience.

    Now, thanks to a YouTube video that inside joke is now public. 

    In this link  is an eight-minute clip that explains a little of the Wilson mystique, as well as the back story to his comments with Rose.

    The highlights:

    • Wilson announces on his cable show his five secrets. One of which is that he is a secret ninja
    • Wilson is a regular guest on Rose's show "Lunch with Benefits" using Skype
    • Rose played a little trick on Wilson during one show that involved scantily clad women
    • Wilson responded with a man dressed in S&M walking behind him in the skype shot. That man is called "the Machine" (6:32 in clip)

    Is this whole thing a little 'inside baseball'? You bet it is. It's the World Series.