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Chuck Reed's Ballpark About Face



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    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed wants MLB to drop the San Francisco Giants claim to his city.

    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed appears to be doing some heavy back peddling in his effort to get the A's stadium on his city's November ballot.

    Some speculate that Reed was very wise in his swimming moves.  They say he got MLB to put the stadium issue back on its front burner and he got them to commit to pay for a ballot initiative, which will save San Jose big money.

    Last week, Reed threw down the gauntlet when he announced he wasn't going to wait any longer on MLB to decide whether San Jose could get the rights to the Oakland A's.  He said he was putting the issue on the ballot even while he waited on that decision.

    Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig called that move both surprising and disappointing.

    MLB continued to try to change Reed's mind by setting up a meeting this week while Reed was in Washington D.C.   Tuesday Reed sat down with the president of the MLB, Bob DuPuy.   That must have been quite an interesting conversation because afterwards Reed released the following about face.

    MLB President Bob DuPuy informed me today that Commissioner Selig has requested that the San Jose City Council refrain from placing a Downtown Ballpark Measure on the November 2010 ballot so that MLB’s special committee can complete its work. He also committed that, if a special election is required in the spring, MLB would help pay for it.

    Reed said he told DuPuy that he would consider that request.

    The change of heart comes one day before the city Rules Committee was to meet on the ballot measure.  A final decision must be made my Aug. 3.