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Comeback QB's to do Battle in Tennessee



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    It's a battle of redeemed draft busts when the 49ers' Alex Smith takes on the Titans and Vince Young.

    Oh man, back in 2006 this might have been considered a really good game.

    Back in 2006, San Francisco 49ersquarterback Alex Smith and Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young were both about to revolutionize the game of pro football. Smith was picked No. 1 overall by the 49ers in 2005, Young was picked No. 3 overall by the Titans in 2006. Both were the top quarterbacks selected in the draft.

    Both spent all of last season sitting on the bench, holding a clipboard, and making way too much money for doing so.

    Alex Smith lost his starting job when he was outperformed by free agents from the streets with names like Shaun Hill and J.T. O'Sullivan. Vince Young lost his starting job in the first game of the 2008 season, then bizarrely disappeared from public while the world laughed at his shirtless drunken tequila party pictures.

    But both are once again starting quarterbacks, relieving their teams' ineffective starters like they were supposed to in 2006. Smith has thrown four touchdowns in his two games back and maintains a 95.0 quarterback rating,  Young managed the Titans to their first win of the season.

    The only difference is that Alex Smith re-worked his 49ers contract to lower his salary, while Vince Young is still on his original $58 million contract.

    So if the two of them go out shirtless-partying to celebrate their reversals of fortune, Vince Young really should pick up the tab for the tequila shots.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who isn't sure if a good Mormon boy like Alex Smith would do tequila shots.