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David Carr Jerseys Selling Like Mad in Fresno



    49ers Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Takeo Spikes, Vernon Davis and head coach Mike Singletary talk about beating the Raiders for the team's first win of the season. (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    The San Francisco49ers fans' chants of "We want Carr!" are getting so loud that you can hear them 160 miles away in Fresno, California.

    You can hear the chants in Fresno because Fresnans are also screaming for David Carr.

    David White reports in the San Francisco Chronicle that stores in Fresno are unable keep David Carr jerseys in stock or on the shelves. Carr had a prolific career playing quarterback at Fresno State from 1997-2001, and was the first Fresno State player ever to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

    "We just got a throwback jersey of (Carr's) in, and they're already gone," Bulldog Shop owner Dan Said told the Chronicle. "That one cost $120. He's still real popular here."

    That's right, $120 for a David Carr jersey. And you thought people buying Levi's in Moscow were getting a bad deal.

    But Carr's popularity extends beyond the Fresno State Bulldog fan base because of the poor play of 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith. Even in a win against the Raiders, Smith completed fewer than half of his pass attempts.

    "The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team," Carr told the Chronicle. "It's like that everywhere."

    One caveat about the popularity of David Carr jerseys in Fresno -- they are not David Carr 49ers jerseys. They are David Carr Fresno State jerseys.

    David Carr 49ers jerseys can be purchased via the world wide web. Outside of Frenso, the price on these jerseys appears to be discounted pretty substantially.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks the Fresno stores should sell a David Carr Fresno State rally thong.

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